BMW 7 Series – Luxury Sedan Car

BMW brand always makes us surprises by bringing in a new technology in cars and introducing those to the world. Such a new technology car is its BMW 7 series. This is considered to be a prestigious and a successful model which many people gives preference when it comes to buying luxury cars. The image at the top, is the BMW 7 series which is introduced in 2018. In this blog, we are going to see about those car series which is released this year and the future release.

A brief intro about the BMW 7 series :

BMW 7 series is a full luxury sedan which is produced by BMW since 1977. It is popularly known for its long body type. Since then the producer went on making various changes and finally we are here on 2019 with a stunning model. Here is some of the images of 7 series where you can see the evolution of the sedan from 1977 to 2018.

Now let us discuss some points about the features of BMW 7 series:

Design :

  • The interior and exterior design of this sedan is perfectly done making everyone to buy it.
  • The detailed finish given makes it to stand out of the crowd.
  • The rear view is made as crystal beauty where you can feel the elegance of the car.
  • Great proportions, stunning structure, wonderful craftsmanship, bold definitions will leave you with a unforgettable moment.

Ease of riding :

  • The mesmerising sound system which is installed in the right place of the car, will give a ecstatic experience of travelling.
  • An unexpected feature of lounge in the sedan makes you sit relaxed during the whole travel.
  • Air package which spreads fragrance when it is turned on will surely soften you.
  • For entertainment, the sedan is provided with the two colour displays for the back seats.

Innovations :

  • BMW’s laser light as head light will be very useful during night travels.
  • The new equipment called BMW’s display key allows you the see the status of the vehicle.
  • The touch command feature lets you to control the operations of the car through a single touch.
  • Through remote control parking, user can park the vehicle from outside through display key.

Efficiency :

bmw 7 engine
  • BMW 7 has powerful engines with twin-power turbo engine mechanisms.
  • This ensures a great performance which will make you to love the road.
  • Whatever the innovations maybe introduced, but the BMW does not fail you to give the euphoric driving pleasure.
  • The control systems are very easy to handle and gives efficient delivery.