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Acting drivers will be one of the trending professions of the decade. The needs have turned out in large scale. As the employment condition and needs changed people started leading a better lifestyle. Car has become their interdependent automobile in case of family travel. But the uses of cars are relatively less for them. They think of employing a chauffeur on monthly salary basics. So acting drivers will be relatively useful for them.


Trichy or Thiruchirapalli is considered 4th biggest city in Tamilnadu. The speciality of the city is that it is located near the Cauvery delta. The city is also called as “ROCKFORT”.

The city is also known for its highly reputed educational institutions such as NIT (National institute of technology), IIT (Indian institute of technology).

The city is well known for industries such as BHEL (Bharat heavy Electricals limited), HEPP (Heavy Allow Penetrator Project) etc…. The city is also incorporated with Trichirapalli International Airport (TRZ) which operates to Middle East and South eastern countries.

There are many sightseeing locations in Trichy:

  1.  Kallanai Dam
  2. Rock Fort Ganapathy Temple.
  3.  Samayapuram Mariyamman Temple.
  4.  Sri RangaNathaswamy Temple.
  5. Vekkali Amman Kovil.


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