Acting Drivers in Coimbatore

Welcome to LuxuryFleets Acting Drivers Coimbatore Welcome to the Luxury fleets ! Our agency is already a very unique car service providers like luxury car rentals in the market. One such service is the services of acting drivers for cars in Coimbatore. Are you looking for the best agency for acting drivers? Then you have […]

BMW 7 Series – Luxury Sedan Car

bmw 7 series 2018

BMW brand always makes us surprises by bringing in a new technology in cars and introducing those to the world. Such a new technology car is its BMW 7 series. This is considered to be a prestigious and a successful model which many people gives preference when it comes to buying luxury cars. The image […]

Luxury wedding cars rentals

wedding car

Marriage is a day that everyone will never forget. The joy of that one day cannot be compared with any other things in the world. Relatives, decorations, flowers, rituals, excitement will add up to the happiness of getting married. The memory of that one day will stay with us until our last breath.! Such is […]

Airport car rental in Chennai

airport car rent

We welcome you to the well known car rental service providers – Luxury Fleets. Luxury Fleets has more than 15 years of experience in providing best car rental services in major cities of India. We also provide cars for Airport services. Shirdi Package from Chennai | Tirupati Flight Package from Mumbai | Tirupati package from […]

Luxury car rentals in Coimbatore

luxury car

A happy news for the people of Coimbatore!! Here comes the luxury cars rentals for those who wants to ride it provided by the prestigious LuxuryFleets! Luxury Fleets is providing these services at popular cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore for more than 15 years! Isn’t it great? Tirupati Tour Package from Coimbatore | Coimbatore […]

Luxury car rides

Riding in the cosy car is a dream for most of the people. We, the Luxury Fleets are helping you to make your dream a reality by renting the most opulence cars just for you..! The feeling when we get from riding the luxurious cars is something which we can’t forget. In Luxury Fleets , […]

Self drive car rentals

Renting a self drive car is the most comfortable way when we planned to enjoy the trip on our own. For the long trips with our friends and families we prefer cars but the only problem is the absence of a car. We can rent it,but we don’t like to have someone odd among us. […]

Surprise rides

gift box open

Who doesn’t like surprises.! The greatest feeling in the world is surprising your loved ones.! Such moments stay in our minds and make the relationship even more lovable.! When it comes to giving a shock, there is nothing better than giving them the surprise rides with splendid cars. Luxury fleets provides you the best luxurious […]

Benz Car Prices in India

benz s class

Benz cars are branded cars. It is an important point to note that the founder of the Mercedes-Benz is the inventor of the first car of the world. His name is Karl Benz. Mercedes Benz is the most selling brand car in the world which sold more than millions of cars around the world. Benz […]